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Bacalao de cuaresma


Olive oil

People: 0


600 grams of cod; two large potatoes; two green peppers and one red; one onion; three cloves of garlic; ketchup; a deciliter of virgin olive oil.



We soak the cod for at least 48 hours, changing the water about three times. Finely chop the garlic and onion and sauté them in the hot oil. We cut the potatoes into not very thick slices, as if they were for an omelette, and we add them to the oil that contains the garlic and onion. We let them simmer.
In another pan we will fry the peppers cut into strips. When they are almost ready, we will add them to the stew and let everything finish, taking care that the potatoes do not brown. We will then add the tomato sauce, which we will have previously prepared, and we will move so that everything is well mixed.
In a clay pot that contains a little olive oil, we will lightly sauté the crumbled cod and pour the potato and pepper stew with the tomato sauce over it, we will let everything heat over the fire for a few minutes while we move to mix the cod pieces with the rest of the stew.
To give the potatoes time to take all the flavor of the rest of the ingredients, it is convenient to prepare it some time in advance of the scheduled time that we plan to take it. It will be enough to heat a little when we go to serve it.