Enjoying an excellent cuisine based on extra virgin olive oil is one of the best proposals at Oleotour Jaén. The first thing you will discover in the province of Jaén is the variety of culinary options on offer. You will be able to savor many different ways of cooking excellent extra virgin olive oil cooking. You can choose to taste the traditional gastronomy of Jaén of those who live by pampering the centenary olive trees or discover the new creations of gastronomes specialized in the best extra virgin olive oils. A kitchen that will immerse you in the nuances of the oils according to their origin and their sensory characteristics. Enjoy the pairing of our garden products, lamb or bush meats with extra virgin olive oils from Picual (the typical variety of the province of Jaén and the majority worldwide) or with oils from other types of olives. minority. Jaén offers you a careful selection of restaurants with recipes inspired by the typical Mediterranean diet, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Jaén Selección oils are the best of each vintage.