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Ajo blanco con cerezas


Time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Fácil

People: 4

Price: Barato


250 grams of almonds, 2 cloves of garlic, 150 grams of breadcrumbs, a tablespoon of sherry vinegar, a liter of very cold water, 500 grams of cherries, salt and a cup and a half of extra virgin olive oil.



The skin is removed from the almonds; for this we blanch them for about two minutes in boiling water. We put the bread crumbs to soak with a little water. We peel the garlic. In a mortar we crush the almonds, garlic, breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt. We work the mash little by little with the mace, adding the oil in a string until we obtain a spongy paste. Finally we add the desired vinegar, and we work a little more with the mace, finally adding the cold water. We put the liquid obtained in the refrigerator and let it cool down until serving time. We remove the pit from the cherries. When we are going to serve it, we taste it, rectifying, if necessary, the salt and vinegar point, and finally add the cherries. We serve it very cold.