Five Secrets

Historic Settings


Here we suggest a number of places within the park where you will be brought face to face with a series of historical events. In these locations it is easy to imagine how these events unfolded, to almost see them with your own eyes and to empathise with the desires and circumstances of their protagonists.

The natural park is an emblem of not only nature, but also history. Nature is the green thread with which the tapestry of its rich history is woven, as the extraordinary geographical features of these mountains and the exploitation of their natural resources have always shaped the majority of historical events in this area.

The abundance of caves and the plentiful opportunities for hunting and fishing led to the establishment of prehistoric human settlements here. Later, the mountainous nature of the area made it a frontier between the warring Christians and Muslims, where castles and towers were built, battles and skirmishes were fought and unique le ...


Charming Villages



The park's collection of tiny, remote mountain villages are one of its most unique attractions. Almost all of them are situated within the county of Segura in the northern half of the park, and represent a pattern of habitation that is particularly unusual in Andalusia; indeed, it is more reminiscent of populations in mountainous regions in the north of Spain.

In the park's villages you will not find monuments, or venerable old piles; rather, you will discover practical, simple, human-scale architecture and many communal elements that speak of a way of life that was very harsh, a way of life in which the sharing of resources and collective participation in daily tasks was paramount. Fountains, washing areas, bread ovens, threshing floors, irrigation ditches and the like are, therefore, ever-present, as are orchards and vegetable gardens.


Where the Land Speaks


If you are interested in geology, you will make some surprising discoveries in the natural park. Or if, up to now, you have not been particularly drawn to the world of fault-lines, caverns and rock strata, here you might just discover how fascinating it is to read a story with timelines measured in millions of years; a story of events that have been almost entirely determined by the fact that this small blue planet of ours has given rise to the exceptional phenomenon of life

The park's mountain landscapes are the most outstanding examples of the landforms that make up the Prebaetic section of the outer reaches of the Baetic System.


Green Corners

Each of the spots we recommend in this section are notable not only for the plant species they contain, but also for their landscape. Regardless of whether or not you are a keen botanist or familiar with the different species of flora, you will enjoy the very special atmosphere of these spectacular surroundings.

Almost all of the places listed are very easy to reach, and even the pleasure of walking to them makes the trip well worth the effort. Here we have provided you with a magnificent collection of routes that will take you to some uniquely special locations.


Places for Observing Animals


The probability of seeing wildlife relatively frequently is one of the park's most important and renowned attractions. Red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, Spanish ibex, wild boar and a number of different birds of prey are all abundant in the park as a result of its rugged terrain, extensive size and excellent state of conservation.