Sierra Mágina

The location of the region in the transition zone between the Cordilleras Béticas and the Guadalquivir valley determines a peculiar natural environment where steep mountain areas join the flat countryside. The course of the Guadalquivir in the north and the penetration of valleys and streams that run through it have made it an area that has been inhabited since time immemorial.

It is generally made up of small localities, among which the municipalities of Mancha Real, Jódar and Huelma stand out for their population and their dynamism. The municipalities located closest to the central massif have been isolated, the massif acting as a natural obstacle to contact, which has nevertheless favoured the conservation of their own characteristics.

Agriculture, particularly olive growing, is the main economic activity, with a decisive role in the preservation of the rhythms of life, traditions and customs. The establishment of the Sierra Mágina Designation of Origin for extra virgin olive oil has revalued the sector, contributing to the commercialisation of its own brands. The initiatives for the production of organic olive oil stand out in this line.

The cultivation of fruit trees, vegetables and extensive livestock, sheep and goats, have always been present in the region, as minor activities linked in most cases to self-consumption.

Among its attractions, it is worth highlighting the natural heritage; the historical-cultural heritage marked by the traditions, handicrafts of esparto grass, soaps and perfumes of Pegalajar, and of course, its rich and varied gastronomy..

To taste the traditional delicacies, dishes such as andrajos con liebre (rags with hare), migas con torrezno (fried breadcrumbs with bacon), potaje de habicholones (beans and beans stew), gazpacho, pipirrana (a cold soup) or peppers with tomatoes, as well as its tasty pork sausages, should be ordered. Its confectionery includes sweets such as roscos de vino, flores and borrachuelos, madeleines, pestiños, alfajores, almendrados, hojuelas, esponjuelas, retorcíos and bizcochos, gusanillos, merengues or fig bread, which can be accompanied with its green walnut liqueur, must and homemade liqueurs, or the slushy soft drink called aguacebá. You should also try its cherries and sour cherries in brandy.

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