Segura de la Sierra

Segura de la Sierra is a beautiful village located in the heart of the Sierra de Segura, in the northeast of Andalusia. It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia and as such forms part of the Network of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain. 

Segura gives its name to a river, to a region and is synonymous with history. Visiting this town we can soak up history and heritage in its old quarter, or savour nature at its best in the numerous hamlets of its extensive municipal territory. 

From its castle, of Muslim origin, you can enjoy impressive panoramic views of the whole area, which is distinguished by its wide mountain range, with an enormous natural and forest wealth. It forms part of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park, the largest protected area in Spain. 
This marvellous environment, its streets and historic corners mean that Segura de la Sierra has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site and a Picturesque Spot. 

Segura de la Sierra and its high peaks were used to illuminate the best literature of the Renaissance, by Jorge Manrique, author of the "Coplas a la muerte de mi padre".


Data of interest

Tourist area : Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas
Distance to the capital (km) 160
Altitude above sea level (m) 1145
Extensión (Km2): 224
No. of Inhabitants 1986
Demonym Segureños
Postal Code 23379

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The town offers the physiognomy of times gone by, conserving its steep and silent narrow streets. Of its rich and varied heritage, we highlight the following::

  • The castle, of Mudejar origin, eternal watchtower located at the highest point of the village and surrounded by an ancient wall that still preserves some towers. The Torre del Homenaje, which is 18.50 m. high and from which you can enjoy impressive panoramic views of the Sierra del Segura, stands out. Inside the castle we find: the chapel, parapets, covered with wood and gabled roofs, a cistern and Arab baths.
  • Santa María del Collado Parish Church in Segura de la Sierra. It was built in the 16th century on the site of the old Romanesque church. Napoleon's troops set fire to it and it was restored between 1814 and 1817. It has a single rectangular nave with a vaulted roof. On the outside, its tower built with masonry stands out. With a quadrangular floor plan, it has a first body with loopholes and a second body covered with an octagonal pyramid on which there is a wrought iron cross. It has accumulated a rich religious iconography during its history.
  • Town Hall. Another Renaissance paradigm, former home of the Society of Jesus. It opens with a linteled arch with highlighted keystones, flanked by cre ...

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Ayuntamiento de Segura de la Sierra


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