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Rock, water, air ... Sport, adventure, risk, adrenaline and much more ...
One of the most striking features of the province of Jaén for tourists is the sheer number and magnificence of its mountains. These first-class natural environments are home to the four Natural Parks of the province, which preserve the province's traditional way of life and the natural spaces of greatest ecological value.

Visitors to these Sierras may practise hiking,canyoning, mountain-biking paragliding andmany other activities connected to high-mountain water-courses and lakes. Speleology may also be practised in the different sierras. However, the most representative mountain activity in the province of Jaén is rock-climbing. This particulary sport has a specific web section in climbing ('schools') for federated sportsmen/women.


In climbing jargon, those places, walls or rocky escarpments where climbing can be practised are known as climbing schools. These walls are usually equipped with elements to ensure progression, and have published guides of the routes, routes and degrees of difficulty. School' should not be confused with 'learning school' or 'no difficulty'. On the contrary, some are of great difficulty.

The practice of any activity on a sports scale without the prescribed federation licence, experience and safety equipment is strongly discouraged. Provided that the previous conditions are met, the greatest caution is advised, the use of all safety measures and warning third parties of where the sports activity is planned.



Air sports are increasingly present in the skies over Jaén. A mountainous province with excellent thermal conditions, accompanied by mild temperatures that allow air sports to be practised almost all year round. Among the sites that have been conditioned for flying, there are free flying areas with delimited take-off and landing areas, and sports aerodromes for the practice of motor flight in its different modalities.

Hiking & Trekkin

Walking at a leisurely pace will allow you to enjoy a type of landscape created over the course of thousands of years by nature itself and by the people living in its midst. The result is a land full of surprises waiting to be discovered. The province of Jaén has been known from antiquity as the 'Caravan route'. Its rich natural resources and its strategic situation between the sea and the inland regions has led to the creation of a very densely knitted network of traditional trails and paths. The olds trails are still waiting to be visited by travellers eager to discover our very own cultural and natural heritage.



The province of Jaén offers a great number of different routes well-suited for practising cyclotourism on montain bikes, in close contact to nature, most of which are fully signposted. Bikers will be able to cycle into any of the Natural Parks of the province and many other places of singular beauty through routes of different degrees of difficulty, designed for people of all ages and physical shape.


Rafting and Kayaking

In the upper course of the Guadalquivir, in the Tranco reservoir and especially downstream from its dam, rafting, kayaking and hydrospeed activities are offered.

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