Stars, Constellations and Planets offer us images of great beauty and the skies of Jaén have exceptional conditions to observe this whole world, which despite being so far away it will seem that we have it in our hands.


The spectacle offered by the sun as it sets and night falls, giving way to thousands or millions of flashes that will make us transport ourselves to another era or rather to another planet. When night falls, the ideal is to seek a hidden place where the darkness of the sky stands out, such as any municipality belonging to the Starlight Reserves and Destinations of Jaén. For a more detailed observation, the Astronomical Observatories provide visitors with conditions, equipment and information to investigate the cosmos, or simply enjoy the sky of Jaén. Even if you do not recognize the stars or do not know the name of the constellations, observing the sky is a different activity that will surely remain etched in your memory.

Sierra Morena Starlight Reserve

The paradise for astrotourism fans is in Jaén and the cleanest and most starry sky awaits you in the Sierra Morena.
Jaén has the ideal conditions for night-time observation of the sky: the best climate, clear, transparent skies and no light pollution. Moreover, as it is the area of Europe closest to the equator, it allows the observation of a greater extension of the universe, which means that many heavenly bodies are only visible from Andalusia. 

Sierra Morena is the largest Starlight Reserve and Tourist Destination in the world, it is the ideal place to observe the sky in the best conditions, it extends over more than 400 kilometres along the north of the provinces of Jaen, Cordoba, Seville and Huelva, 57 municipalities, more than 400 thousand hectares that include six natural parks: P. N. Despeñaperros, P.N. Sierra de Andújar, P.N. Cardeña and Montoro, P.N. Sierra de Hornachuelos, P.N. Sierra Norte de Sevillla and P.N. Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.


Starlight Reserve Sierra Sur of Jaén

Starlight Reserve Sierra Sur de Jaén, a universe of stars within your reach
Among the mountains and ravines of the Starlight Sierra Sur Reserve the stars shine like lighthouses in the darkness, the clean and transparent air makes the observation of the sky a unique experience. 

The Starlight Reserve of the Sierra Sur of Jaén conserves an extraordinary natural heritage, and its great treasure is its magnificent night sky. A team of experts has defined the best observation areas, places where light pollution is not able to reach and the sky still conserves its natural darkness that has disappeared in so many places. In the Sierra Sur of Jaén, an incredibly starry sky, clear nights and magnificent facilities await you.

Ten municipalities in the Sierra Sur of Jaen have a tourist offer linked to stargazing after having been recognized with the Destination Starlight certification in August 2014. This distinction complements the one already obtained in March 2014 ...