Metropolitan Region of Jaén

Its head, as an administrative, commercial and service center, is Jaén, capital of the province. Although it is true that municipalities such as Martos, Mancha Real or Mengibar have experienced strong economic development in recent years. The region was traditionally made up of 6 municipalities, but since 2003 other municipalities from neighboring regions have been transferred, with which it is currently made up of 16 municipalities.

The region located in the west of the province with its southeastern edge limited by the ridges of Sierra Sur and Sierra Mágina presents a soft and characteristic countryside landscape, where the olive grove predominates, creating a plain with gentle hills that flow into the Guadalquivir.

In this region that concentrates more than a third of the population of the province, its varied geography, the beauty of its natural landscape and the monumentality of towns and cities with samples of Iberian art, churches, palaces and castles, of Gothic invoice, stand out. Renaissance or Baroque. Highlight the cathedral of Jaén capital, the Iberian complex of Cerrillo Blanco in Porcuna or the historic center of cities such as Martos or La Guardia without forgetting the natural environment of Los Villares.

The artisans of the region carry out work related to ceramics, basketry or making rugs.

Vegetables and vegetables are the protagonists of the kitchen, with dishes such as gazpacho, salpicón, or pipirrana, with the base olive oil, asparagus spinach, bean and aubergine stew, or chard and spinach, beans with partridge and migas are some of the star dishes. Not forgetting the delicious flamenquines, the thistle mushroom soup, the stew, the crumbs, the garlic flour, the jienense asadillo, the roasted cod as well as an excellent game meat with which dishes such as baby with garlic are prepared.

And for dessert: pestiños, alfajores, almendrados and egg mantecados or sesame delicacies, puff pastry, marzipan and sponge cakes made in convents and bakeries.

Tapas are another way to enjoy gastronomy, based on small portions, we can try a greater number of dishes.

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