Declared Historic Sites

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History has left lasting traces in the urban physiognomy of the municipalities of the province, which has resulted in the official declaration, by the Junta de Andalucía, of 24 historical ensembles in as many localities of Jaén: it is the culture inherited from the evolution of a human settlement and groups all the properties declared as historical-artistic monuments or of cultural interest (BIC) in a given locality.

Jaén has 21 declared historical ensembles and 3 others with a file opened, as historical ensembles are registered the historical centers of Alcalá la Real (1967), Baeza (1996), Baños de la Encina (1939), Cazorla (1962), Hornos de Segura (1985), Huelma (1971), Jaén (1973), Sabiote (1973), Segura de la Sierra (1963), Úbeda (1955), Andújar, Begíjar, Cambil, Guarromán, La Iruela, Iznatoraf, Jódar, Martos, Santisteban del Puerto and Torredonjimeno, as well as the Castle of Jódar.
Other towns in the province have been declared historic-artistic sites: Navas de Tolosa (La Carolina), La Guardia and Santa Elena.

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