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Ajoarriero ahumado con caviar


Difficulty: Media

People: 0


250 gr of smoked cod, 150 gr desalted cod, 400 gr white leek, 300 gr cascaded potatoes, 6 cloves of garlic, 200 gr spring onion, 1dl. candied mushroom oil, 1dl. olive oil, 2 l. white poultry broth, 1/2 l. of liquid cream, C / s herring roe, C / s green parsley oil.


Sauté the garlic, leek and chives in the olive oil. Add the potato and, lastly, the smoked cod and the desalted cod.

Poach well without taking color. Add the broth and cook until the potato is ready.

Turn off the heat and add the cream. Let infuse a few minutes.

Mount in a thermomix emulsifying with the mushroom oil. Rectify the salt point and strain through a fine. Let cool.

In a small glass or container put a tablespoon of ajoarriero, a few drops of parsley oil and a teaspoon of caviar. Garnish with chervil.