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Alto Guadalquivir

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, Cazorla

, Peal de Becerro

, Torreperogil

, Jódar

South of the famous Úbeda hills, the Guadalquivir River was dammed in the 1950s in a succession of three small reservoirs: Doña Aldonza (301 hectares), Pedro Marín (240 hectares) and Puente de la Cerrada (122 hectares).

The entire area of this artificial humid zone - with an increasingly important belt of aquatic vegetation - is surrounded by crops.

The marshy vegetation of these swamps is basically made up of jays and reeds, accompanied by bayuncos and tarays and mainly poplars develop on their banks.

As far as the fauna is concerned, an abundant and varied community of aquatic birds is concentrated in these reservoirs of the Alto Guadalquivir, highlighting the colony of calamari (species classified as threatened at the community level), mallards and spoons, as well as porrones and imperial herons.

The total extension of this natural area, whose reference locations are Úbeda and Jódar, is 663 hectares.

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