The most relevant cinematographic works, set in our Renaissance cities.

"Santa Teresa de Jesús", TVE series, with scenes shot in Úbeda between 1982 and 1983. Director: Josefa Molina.

"Las cosas del querer", a film shot in 1989, with scenes from the Teatro Ideal Cinema.Director:Jaime Chávarri.

"Fray Juan de la cruz", medium-length film made about the life of the saint in 2004. Direction: Miguel Ángel Entrenas.

"Alatriste", adventures of this captain narrated in the novel of Arturo Perez Reverte filmed in 2005. The urban environments used are the cloister of the Church of Santa María de los Reales Alcázares, Palace Juan Vázquez de Molina, Plaza Vázquez de Molina, Plaza Padre Antonio and Plaza de San Pedro. Director: Agustín Díaz Yáñez.

"La conspura de el escorial", filmed in Úbeda with internationally renowned actors dealing with power and politics at the court ...



The work of San Juan de la Cruz was created in Úbeda. In the works of Santa Teresa de Jesús and Juan Ruiz, archpriest of Hita appears mentioned.

"El quijote" where Úbeda appears in the episode "The Abduction of the Body", in a clear allusion to the historical fact of the transfer of the body of San Juan de la Cruz to Castilian lands. However, there are more allusions to our city.

Antonio Machado, in his work, in the years he lived in Baeza, created the "Poems about the olive grove", in which both our city and the neighboring city of Baeza are mentioned.

Eugenio d'ors, after a stay in Úbeda, wrote an article comparing her to Brescia or Ferrara and described her as "demure";.

Antonio Muñoz Molina, writer of Ubetense origin in whose literary production Úbeda appears under the figure of “Mágina”. The two works that take place in our city are: "The Polish ...