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La Charca is a reservoir that has collected the waters from the source of the Fuente de la Reja since medieval times. At first it was a simple dam with a stone retaining wall and gates that regulated the water's outflow through an intricate network of kilometres of ditches. These irrigated the orchards and olive groves to the south of the town, distributed in terraces. The upper ditches served as a southern limit to the population, thus delimiting the urban growth of Pegalajar.

This spring has never been enough to fertilize all the land that extends in a decreasing level towards the Guadalbullón River. On the other hand, there have always been many years of drought, in which the volume measured by this source decreased considerably, due to the fact that the piezometric surface of the aquifer situated to the north of the town, which gives rise to the La Charca spring, is linked to conduction through galleries with siphoning phenomena.