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Pine woods of 'Cánava'

Singular places

, Jimena

Protected Natural Space, catalogued as 'Natural Monument', with a surface of 5 ha. (>12 ac.). Municipal territory of Jimena. Interesting pine wood, still preserving relict vegetation mainly found in the area. The whole landscape is a surviving witness of primeval vegetation.

El Pinar de Cánava is an interesting forest ecosystem that has the Aleppo pine as the protagonist. The uniqueness of this pine forest, of about 120 specimens, lies in its high degree of naturalness and, above all, in its longevity, with pine trees between 100 and 250 years old.

This pine forest is of great value as an educational resource, as it offers a unique opportunity to understand the different stages of maturation of a forest. In addition, the appearance of a pine forest can be observed in a stage close to old age. In contrast to the typical forms of young pine forests with straight trunks and conical crowns, the twisted specimens of this Natural Monument contrast. Their rounded crowns, shaped like parasols, are reminiscent of other tree species. The scrub in this forest has practically disappeared. This complex aspect is what every forest would have naturally, but human intervention modifies this process, tending towards greater simplicity.

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