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Travertinos de La Toba

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Travertinos de La Toba

It is a travertine of hectometric dimensions, located on the southern slope of the Segura river valley, in a sector closely embedded between the Puntal de las Buitreras (1680 m) and the Calar del Pino (1567 m). Travertine, attached to the steep Cretaceous carbonate slope, has a flat upper morphology, on which the picturesque village of La Toba sits.

In the vertical walls of the travertine there are several karst upwellings with spectacular waterfalls and carbonate morphologies of great beauty. Stratigraphically, the upwellings are found at the base of the Upper Cretaceous dolomites, which constitute the aquifer, on the impermeable levels that belong to the Lower Cretaceous.

Source: Inventory of Georecourses of Andalusia. Ministry of Environment. Junta de Andalucía.

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