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Tortilla Foundry Path

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, Linares

To walk along this path is to move in the memory to a period of Linares' history: its mining industry that, during the 19th and half of the 20th centuries, meant the way of life for many inhabitants of Linares and whose heritage is scattered throughout its district.

Mines, shafts and foundries, today abandoned, where you can still see the demolished granite constructions, the high chimneys of the foundries and the old "Cabrias" for the extraction of the material. A path that runs along the Tortilla path, which is very popular among the people of Linares and is not lost. The Tortilla Foundry is located 2 km away, a crossroads and numerous ruined constructions denote its importance in the mining past of Linares.

After passing in front of an alpechinera and under an old mining railroad bridge, the trail ascends the rocky San Pedro slope to the Cañada de Incosa; from there we continue, to the right, along a stretch that presents, to the west, magnificent views of the town of Baños de la Encina.

To walk along this path is to move in the memory to a period of the history of Linares.

After 1.4 km we connect with the road and by a wooden staircase we take the Via Verde until we reach a junction (connection with the path of the Gypsy Mine PR-A 264), then we pass by the solid waste treatment plant and continue along the old cobbled path of Siles that will lead us back to Linares.

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