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The hills and Castle of 'Mata Bejid' (Puerto de Torres)

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, Cambil

A pass between mountains —some over 2.000 m. (6.500 ft.) high. The landscape is a real treat to the eyes: the southern slopes of the natural park, high mountains (Almadén: 2036 m. (6.679 ft.), Ponce 2006 m. (6.581 ft.) and Cerro Cárceles, 2061 m. (6.761 ft.)), high-ground pastures covered with Portuguese oaks (Quercus faginea) and flocks of sheep grazing peacefully... 

The Castle of 'Mata Bejid' is a beautiful spot. In the Middle Ages its garrison watched over the mountain pass on the border between the Christian and Muslim kingdoms. In the early 20th century it was inhabited by families who had settled the area to work on the meadow farms through which ran the main road. The castle was given to the city of Jaén by the Catholic Monarchs in 1494 as a reward for the services rendered during the conquest of the towns of Cambil and Alhabar. Access: from the Cambil-Huelma road.

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