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Path of the Cerro of the Mancebas

, Linares

The path starts at La Fundición La Cruz, (see Paño Pico trail, PR-A 260). We head towards Pozo Cadenas, which can be reached after passing by an old Civil Guard barracks and the Vimora Ore Washer. After the chimney of La Cruz, which reached 100 meters high (today it is 57 m), the paths separate.

The itinerary turns left and descends smoothly between chaparros, next to some aerial navigation antennas, enjoying beautiful panoramic views. The descent ends at a crossroads between the Cerro de las Mancebas and Paño Pico, near the Pozo El Porvenir Oscuro. We continue by the right to reach the hill, connecting with the footpath of the Heron, PR-A 262. We ascend by a way that will intoxicate to us by its beauty and the history of its mining rest: the Pozo Zulueta, the Pozo de San Ignacio and the Lavadero de Mineral de Arrayanes, as well as views of the valley of the lagoons. At the Lavadero de Arrayanes (a hillside construction to take advantage of a gravity circuit that separated the ore, through various phases) we left the La Garza trail to continue along a ramp until we reached the Pozo de San José and the Central Eléctrica, where the route coincides again with the Paño Pico trail to the Pozo Restauración, where they separate by following the Vía Verde. At about 100 meters from this point the Green Way forks (1); on the left you reach the road to the Fundición La Cruz, which you follow for 20 meters to take a lane on the left, next to some ruins, which leads to an airfield. We find two branches outside the path, both on the left, interesting if you have time, the first leads to Pozo Chaves and the second to the Alamillos Altos Mine with the possibility of enjoying unbeatable views. Further on is the urbanization of La Cruz, where we will arrive at the beginning of this mining route.

(1) This fork in the Green Route that leaves to the right supposes a shortcut towards the Foundry La Cruz when there is little time to make the marked route

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