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El Paraje Natural de La Cimbarra

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Carretera A-6200, Aldeaquemada

If Aldeaquemada is known for something, it is precisely because of La Cimbarra. This spectacular waterfall of about 40 meters high is located about two kilometers from the town to the south and has the category of Natural Area. The access road is in good condition and efforts to improve it have been important in recent years.

In the central region of Sierra Morena, on a substrate of slates and sandstones, this protected space is located, characterized by its rugged relief.

In the southwest slope the Guarrizas river appears embedded, creating steep slopes. By contrast, the slopes on the southeast side are gentler. The encasing of the river forms waterfalls, the most spectacular and beautiful being that of Cimbarra.

The flora is characterized by its heterogeneity. The mixed forest of holm oaks and cork oaks abounds, with an abundant Mediterranean scrub. There is also an area of holm oaks and repopulations of stone pine and black pine. The fauna is also rich and varied.

Among the medium-sized predators, the fox and the genet abound, while numerous birds of prey fly over the skies of this Natural Area of 534 hectares, highlighting the golden eagle and the eagle.

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