Colección Museográfica

0, Arjona

The Arjona Archaeological Museum, inaugurated on November 22, 2012, has a collection of close to 3,000 pieces, ranging from fossil remains to pieces related to modern archeology. The museum offers the visitor a chronological tour, where the visitor can discover the different prehistoric and historical stages that have passed through Arjona, and this will make it possible to contemplate the remains of the material culture that these cultures have left in our town and its vast municipal district, all of this focused in a very didactic and pedagogical way that makes the museum attractive both for the most learned and for those less familiar with history and archeology.

The Archaeological Museum consists of three rooms, a first room dedicated to Prehistory, where you can see all the material remains of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Metal Age.

The content of the display cabinets in this room is very rich. In a first, finding from Middle Palaeolithic lithic remains such as Proto-Bifaces to Argaric arrows of the "Palmeta" type, made already in the metal era. he reconstruction of a Paleolithic cave and a Neolithic Cabin, which becomes the didactic bet of this room.

The Second Room is dedicated to History, starting from the Colonizing peoples to modern times, highlighting an important sample of Iberian, Roman and Muslim epigraphic remains, along with an extensive and very complete numismatic collection. To this is added all kinds of ceramic, glass and marble artifacts that make this room the most complete in the museum.In this room it is also committed to the interpretation of archaeological monuments, in this case the real-scale reconstruction of the Princely Tomb of the Necropolis of Piquía, a tomb of important dimensions in which a prominent funerary equipment was found, among which a total of 7 Attic ceramic vessels stand out, 4 of which have been restored by the Andalusian Center's Archeology team of Iberian Archeology from the University of Jaén.

The third room is dedicated to two illustrious characters from the History of Arjona, El Rey Alhamar and Helvia Paulina, both born in Arjona, who have been very prominent in their respective Muslim and Roman periods respectively. This Room is complemented by an Audiovisual Room, which was created with the aim of completing the activities programmed by the Museum for the visitor.