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Charco del Aceite

, Sorihuela del Guadalimar

In this recreational area, there is a pool of water forming a part of the course of the Guadalquivir river. It is a perfect place to take a refreshing swim in the summer, and a wonderful spot in which to spend a pleasant day at any time of year. The area has stone tables, wooden seats and a kiosk-bar. The landscape is very lush and surrounded by pine woods covering the sheer rock slopes surrounding the area. The cool waters provide a home for the king of the Nature Park’s rivers: the bold common trout, which is joined by autochthonous barbel, minnows and even otters.

Some large boulders in the middle of the river attract your attention and, crowning them, a viewpoint affords a stunning view of this unique spot, with the water reflecting the dark green vegetation. At the foot of this miniature oasis, on your right, a large cave with ivy climbing up to the ceiling is set into the rock wall.

Tradition maintains that the name of this place (Charco del Aceite means Pool of Oil) is due the fact that a donkey laden with skins filled with olive oil fell from the narrow path into the pool, spreading the golden liquid on the water’s surface.

The silhouettes of mountain goats can often be seen on the edges of the imposing rock faces, along with the slow, silent flight of griffon vultures. Kingfishers fly over the river, swooping down like small winged missiles.


We recommend…

  • A visit to the mouth of the Tranco reservoir spillway, 200 m away on the left bank of the river, where the water gushes out in a torrent.
  • There are also a number of short routes, following the trail that starts next to the kiosk and runs alongside the river through the lush riparian vegetation formed by oleanders, willows, ashes and laurustinus.
  • Close by, 300 m downstream from the Los Agustines bridge, you’ll come to starting point of a unique, picturesque catch-and-release fishing reserve for common trout.



One of the main points of entry into this area is accessed via the N-322 road. At Villanueva del Arzobispo, take the winding A-6202 road towards the Tranco reservoir until you reach the junction at kilometre 18 indicating the way to Charco del Aceite, at km 18. Carry on to the Venta de los Agustines, where there is a fork in the road. Go straight on along a small stretch of road running alongside the Guadalquivir river and you will reach your destination. From Sierra de Segura and the upper Guadalquivir valley, you have to travel to the Tranco reservoir dam, then take the A-6202 to Villanueva del Arzobispo and finally the turnoff to Charco del Aceite.

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