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Parque Científico y Tecnológico - Edif. Software DELSOL. 23620 , Jaén is the first travel agency specialized in astronomical and scientific tourism but... What exactly is this?

To observe the Milky Way from virgin natural places, to go into the history that the rocks tell us, to discover the hidden mathematics in the geometry of some urban monuments or to enjoy observing the fauna jewels of our natural patrimony are some of the proposals that this new Online travel agency wants to offer you. is born with the intention of proposing you an offer of tourist packages around the culture, the knowledge, the exclusivity and the personal enrichment through the discovery, to know curiosities that still present in our day by day abstract us to the same laws that govern the physics of our universe, from the shell of a snail in our garden to the gigantic arms of a galaxy like ours.

This is the first travel agency specialised in tourist experiences linked to science, knowledge, relaxation and the contemplation of our own environment, with the intention of satisfying that deep human instinct which is the curiosity to give an answer to our reality. wants your eyes to shine with emotion before the contemplation of the firmament, that your senses shake before the clean smell of the mountain and the sound of the eagles' wings cutting the wind. We want you to feel small before the geological history, or privileged when understanding the mathematics with which those old wise men knew how to impregnate the rocks they sculpted, rich in details and perfect in geometry.

If what you want is to know instead of to travel, if you look for to discover instead of to see, if you want to feel, to experience or to understand... waits for you to offer a tourist experience loaded with emotions.

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