Porcuna is situated in the southwest of the district of Campiña, bordering the province of Córdoba.


Data of interest

Tourist area  Sierra Sur y Campiña de Jaén

Distance to the capital (km) 42

Altitude above sea level (m) 427

Extensión (Km2): 174,5

No. of Inhabitants 7.055

Demonym  Porcunenses

Postal Code 23790

This municipality is part of:

The main transport links to the town are the A-306, which connects to the A-4 at El Carpio and the A-316 at Torredonjimeno, and the A-305 which connected to the A-4 motorway at Andújar and the N-432 at Baena. The A-6175 also connects straight to the A-4 in the north. The town is just 42 km from the city of Jaén.

The township is 174.5 km2 in size, and its natural landscape is made up of undulating ridges and sandstone hilltops. The town centre is at an altitude of 475 m.

The entire municipal area is farmed, and the dominant crop is olive trees. As a result, the local economy depends almost entirely on olives and olive products.

The remaining land is dedicated to crops of wheat, legumes and sunflowers. Other important businesses in the town are carpentry, polyester manufacture, the ironworking and the quarrying of stone. After five millennia, it is still a city of stone. From the main quarries leave pieces of the town’s very soul in the form of blocks, doorways, floor tiles, chimneys and sculptures amongst other artisan pieces.

The town is considered to have some of the best archaeological sites, including a Tartessian necropolis dating from the 7th century B.C. at a site known as Cerrillo Blanco.

Other highlights of the area’s rich artistic heritage include the remains of the Castle of the Order of Calatrava, the Torre Nueva (or Tower ...


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Ayuntamiento de Porcuna


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