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Bulkuna and Porcuna, the Andalusian and Christian City

Educative community

Visit to the Torre Nueva or Boabdil Tower and the remains of the Castle. Porcuna, named City in 1908 by Alfonso XIII, is a "city of cities": the Iberian IBOLCA, the Roman OBVLCO, the Hispano-Visigoth OBOLCÓN and the Hispano-Muslim BULKUNA. The same name has travelled through time.


A single visit to get to know all these cities. The Iberian-Roman city has as its culmination the great Sculpture Complex of Cerrillo Blanco, unique in its genre and quality. The Roman fortification was reused in medieval times. The Hispano-Muslim culture built one of the most important fortifications in the area. After the capture of the city by Fernando III El Santo, around 1242, he handed it over to the Order of Calatrava, who then built a Palatial Complex of unique architectural beauty, the highlight of which is the Torre Nueva, built at the beginning of the 15th century and where, around 1488, Boabdil El Chico, the last king of Granada, was imprisoned for a few months.

Today, the Torre Nueva or Boabdil Tower is the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Obvlco.

The stone work in the city reaches beautiful prints in its urban framework and in the different monuments. The entity of the Archaeological Ensembles of the town and city has made it a Property of Cultural Interest, with the typology of Archaeological Zone (BOJA of 26th July 2013).

  • At 10:00: Reception of the group in the Plenary Hall of the Porcuna Town Hall, rooms 3a and 3b of the Archaeological Museum.
  • From 10:30 to 11. Guided visit to the Parish Church of La Asunción in Porcuna to see the Mural Paintings of Julio Romero de Torres.
  • At 11:00: Breakfast, to be brought by the students in the Plaza de Andalucía.
  • From 11:15 to 12: Guided visit to the Remains of the Castle of Porcuna and the Torre Nueva or Boabdil, Municipal Archaeological Museum of Obulco.
  • From 12 to 12:30. OPTIONAL. Visit to the Porcuna Stone House (2 euros normal rate for groups, or guided tour 3 euros per schoolchild)
  • From 12:30 to 13:00: Guided visit to the Cerrillo Blanco archaeological site.

For a full day, it is necessary to contact OLGAR, Cultural Services Company of Porcuna. The following activities are proposed:

* Possibility of contracting food

Picnic: Sandwich, water, fruit and yogurt. 4 euros/child. For menu consult prices.


*Theatrical visit to the Cerrillo Blanco: *The Iberians of Ipolka

For an hour the priestesses of Cerrillo Blanco will tell us everything we ever wanted to know about the Iberian world. Price: 3 euros/ child *Workshops to be held at the Cerrillo Blanco Interpretation Centre:

*1.  **The warrior of Ipolka. *We will tell you the incredible story of the Warrior of Ipolka, his customs

in battle and their weapons and we will try to reproduce them. Price of the workshop: 3 euros/child. Duration of the activity: 2 hours.

*2.  **IpolkaFashion Day: We will carry out our own fashion show. Creating our own models and jewels as they did in the Iberian period. Price of the workshop: 3 euros/child. Duration of the activity: 2 hours.

*3.  **While we learn how coins were made in ancient times and what they were for, we will recreate one of them. Price of the workshop: 4 euros/child. Duration of the activity: 2 hours.