A town in the northwest of the province of Jaén, in the distract of Campiña. It’s the <strong>most westerly settlement in the province</strong>, bordering the province of Córdoba.

The landscape is smooth and typical of this olive growing region. The local economy is based on agriculture, mainly olive farming, although there are other crops such as cotton, sunflowers, beetroot, sugar and corn, which are sown on the plains of the Salado river. Some strongholds of white-grape vineyards and cereal plantations still remain, which were an important part of the local economy in the past. The town has a long wine-making history, but these days there are very few hectares of vines left.


Data of interest

Tourist area : Sierra Sur y Campiña de Jaén
Distance to the capital (km) 54
Altitude above sea level (m) 276
Extension (Km 2 ) 67
No. of Inhabitants 4028
Demonym  Loperanos
Postal Code 23780

This municipality is part of:

The local economy is complemented by a number of other industries, such as construction, wooden furniture production and the services sector.

The Guadalquivir river crosses the north of the municipal area and its tributary, the Arroyo Salado, flows very slowly from north to south.


Source of information

Ayto. Lopera


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