Iznatoraf (also known as Torafe) is one of the prettiest places in Jaén, one of the highest in Andalusia and, doubtless, one of the places that most surprises visitors. It’s located in the north-east of the district of Las Villas and sits on a hill at an altitude of 1,036 m, looking out over dozens of square kilometres of olive groves in every direction. The view facing the Sierra de Las Villas is spectacular and from this fairly unique viewpoint, you can make out a good part of the province. The town itself is a melting pot of cultures (Arabic, Jewish and Christian) which have left a rich artistic legacy, and it has preserved its layout of windy, narrow, white-washed streets within the original Arabic walls.


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Tourist area  Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas
Distance to the capital (km): 96 102,9
Altitude above sea level (m): 1032 1036
Extension (Km 2 ) 87 86,47
No. of Inhabitants 1204 960
Demonym Torafejos o torafeños
Postal Code 23338

The township is made up of two separate enclaves: one in the west, which contains the town centre and predominantly olive groves, and the other in the east, which is mainly forest and falls within the boundary of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park. There are various hamlets dotted throughout the municipal area, such as Bardazoso, 19 km away from the town, Batanejo, 15km away, and others like Santa Marina or Sillero, in the Sierra de Las Villas.

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Ayto. Iznatoraf


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