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Talleres Didácticos en Baños de la Encina

Educative community

from € 3.50 to € 7.50 per student per person

Callejón del Castillo, 1 (Baños de la Encina). Baños de la Encina

Cultural visit to the Castle of Bury Al-Hamman, it is one of the best preserved castles of its architectural typology in mud, whose impossibility of reusing materials justifies that it has preserved its original walled enclosure almost intact.



It stands on Cerro del Cueto, where human presence is manifested prior to the construction of the castle (Copper Age), as is attested in the archaeological site located inside the walled enclosure. The Castle was built in the Almohad period linked to the defenses raised in the Alto Guadalquivir prior to the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (year 1212).

At 10:00 am, reception of the group in public parking.

At 10:15 am, educational visit to Burch al-Hamman Castle. Price € 3.50 / school (includes entry and didactic notebook adapted to each educational cycle).

From 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., free breakfast at the school's expense.

From 12: 00h to 13:30, start of the workshops or activity chosen by the educational center:

Educational tour of Baños de la Encina: it will allow you to know the historical evolution of the municipality from Cerro del Cueto. Price: € 2 / school.
Visit to the Windmill and milling workshop: we will introduce you to the historical importance of the cultivation and use of cereal. Price: € 1.5 / school.
Archeology Workshop: students will learn about the work of archaeologists and discover with their own hands some pieces buried in practice drawers, learning the subsequent process of identification, cataloging, etc. Price: € 3 / school.
Prehistoric Ceramics Workshop and Museum of the Territory: it is intended to publicize the importance of ceramics as an archaeological material, favoring the creativity of the student by making their own ceramic pieces with prehistoric techniques. Price: € 4 / school.
Bronze cultural route: 6.5km walk through the old paths of the Dehesa Comunal del Santo Cristo, where schoolchildren will learn about Baños de la Encina from environmental, ethnographic, geological and archaeological aspects. Price: € 3 / school.

Several workshops can be combined for a full-day stay in our town.

All prices include the necessary monitors according to the number of students and the chosen activity, teaching materials and materials to support the workshops. The schedules are indicative and can be adapted to the needs of each school.