Rutas teatralizadas

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The Dramatized Routes are usually carried out in the summer period, coinciding with the Nasrid Evenings that the Hon. Arjona City Council organizes every year, including these within the activities of the Route of Castles and Battles. Due to the resounding success of the last edition, which was attended by more than 700 people in the two days that were held, due to the demand of Arjoneros and visitors who request it, this type of route will continue to be interpreted on specific dates. If you want to attend them, do not lose sight of our website, as these visits will be announced in advance, so that anyone who wishes to participate in them can do so.

Contextualization and Characters:

The Routes or Dramatized Guided Tours differ in content from the rest of the tours that are offered. IN this case, the protagonists of Arjona's story come to life, to tell you in the first person the episodes or events for which they are recognized, all of them characterized by time and with contextualized environments or scenarios and live music by the members of the Musical Association "Lira Urgavonense". The narrator interacts with the characters, contextualizing the scenes and guiding the audience to the different locations where they are performed. Illustrious figures such as Helvia Paulina, King Alhamar, Fernando III "El Santo", Baron de Velasco, Martín Ximena Jurado, Cardinal Baltasar Moscoso-Sandoval, Juan de Aranda Salazar, Isidoro Pérez de Herrastri and a long etc. characters who will make you understand episodes in the history of our town participate in these theatrical visits.

The visit ticket includes the guide and the entrance to all the monuments, museums and churches, except the Sanctuary of the Sacred Relics, the cost of the entrance to the Sanctuary is € 1, to be paid at the entrance of the same.