El callejón de las bruja

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Arjona. 23760, Arjona

Ruta eco-saludable

Departure from the Arjona Eco-Park, beginning of the route through the so-called "Callejón de las Brujas" from km 0 to 3.4 km, reaching the recreational area called "La Puente". Same itinerary back, ending the Eco-Park.

Information about the Itinerary:

The itinerary is fully signposted. Access to the starting point can be done by car - as well as to the place called "La Puente".
Along the walk you can see, both on the right and left banks, species of scrub and Mediterranean scrub that persist, among which we can highlight, Granado (Punica granatum), Blackberry (Rubus ulmifolius), Wild Almond or Bitter (Prunus amygdalus), Acebuche (European olea silvestris), Chaparro (Quercus ilex) ...
At the end of the journey, the visitor reaches a picnic area or municipal green area, called the "La Puente" picnic area, where you can enjoy a recreational area, where we also find some tree species such as Catalpa, Falsa Pimienta, Ólmo and Alamos among others.

One of the Legends of the Place called "Callejón de las Brujas"

Some years ago, a middle-aged man was walking along the so-called "Cuesta del Monte", coinciding with the fall of the afternoon. The martial step he was taking did not prevent the night from coming little by little, dyeing the horizon black, leaving it with no light other than the moon itself and no reference other than the stars, accompanied throughout its journey by a sound of sobbing , a sound that became more and more intense and closer until he found what caused that sound, it was a disoriented little lamb that cried out for help. This good man hastened to pick him up and throw him on his shoulder, perhaps with the intention of taking him home and taking care of him along with the rest of his animals or perhaps to see if along the way he would find the flock or the shepherd looking for him. But the pretensions of this good man, soon went to the ruin, when when passing by precisely by the place called "alley of the witches" he felt a voice whisper in his ear, "You have teeth like me", the man looked back and he discovered that it was the lamb that was speaking to him, such was the fear that the man felt that he released the animal and began to run until he reached his destination