Princely Tombs of Toya and Hornos

Archaeological site

Carretera Peal de Becerro a Toya dirección Cámara Sepulcral de Toya. 23460, Peal de Becerro How to get

In the well-known Cerro de la Horca, very close to the village of Toya and the famous castle-archaeological site of the same name, is the large tomb known as the Toya Funeral Chamber.


The chamber has a rectangular plan with three naves. The central one is larger than the lateral ones and these on the right and left have an anteroom which is accessed by false arches with simulated capital on their jambs. Inside the receptacles we can see benches and poytes to deposit the urns and grave goods. The lateral and central naves have niches in the walls to receive offerings. The construction of about four meters in length by almost three in width, is made with large ashlars adjusted at the time of assembly and covered by a lintelled structure of large slabs. The entire construction is monumental in character, cyclopean due to the size of some ashlars and lintels. Regarding its content, we must refer to those recovered and among all of this the Greek ceramics of red figures stand out, especially the craters and the metallic elements among which the remains of a chariot stand out. Its chronology includes it within the Iberian culture of the late 5th century and early 4th century BC. The objective of this stop is to show what a princely burial chamber looks like and its meaning in the context of Iberian aristocratic society. The Center of the Princely Tombs of Peal allows to know the subject of the afterlife and funeral rites.