Miradores: Balcones hacia la campiña

Singular places

Arjonilla. 23760, Arjona

Arjona becomes a strategic enclave that controls a visual panorama delimited on the horizon, to the North by Sierra Morena and to the South by Sierra Magina. That is why we can distinguish 4 areas with high or very high environmental aesthetic level, as well as enclaves from which you can see a panoramic view that acquires value by itself.

For this reason, the Historic Complex of Arjona stands as "Balcony of the Countryside". This aspect of "Balcony" of the countryside has been taken care of in Arjona, with the construction of viewpoint parks that offer citizens the possibility of contemplating the landscape of the Olivar Countryside, as well as the silhouette that other cities or other cities leave on the horizon. geographical features such as the plain of the Guadalquivir Valley in Andújar, with Sierra Morena behind it in its northern landscape, or the mountain ranges of Sierra Mágina, Peña de Martos or the location of the Castillo de Santa Catalina (Jaén) to the south.

Most of these viewpoints are located within the route of the guided tours, two of them, the so-called "Mirador del Cementerio de los Santos" and the "Mirador de la Plaza del Rey Alhamar", are specifically located in the area from the original Alcázar, that is, in the highest area of ??the town, the first one looks north and the second one south. The other viewpoints are located at lower levels, no less interesting, on Calle Sol and Calle Adarves.

These viewpoints provide an extraordinary attraction to the Uruguayan monumental heritage, providing landscape values ??of a strategic nature, which makes it a point of reference to contemplate a large part of the Northern Countryside and the Southern Highlands of the province.