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Laguna Honda

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This Nature Reserve is located in the southwest of the province of Jaén, in the place of Tumbalagraja, very close to the Casariche farmhouse, passing very close to the line of the old Linares-Puente Genil railway, today Vía Verde del Aceite, between the Sierra Orbes, el Cambrón and El Desgarradero, and bordering the province of Córdoba.

It has a surface area of ??65 hectares, as well as an additional protection zone around it of 220 hectares.

Laguna Honda is a humid area, of endorheic origin, which is flooded with the first autumn rains and remains as such until spring, with a small fluvial mass, which makes it a seasonal lagoon although a small stream, which comes from the Sierra de Orbes, provides water flow.

This lagoon has a high saline content, caused by the substrate materials as well as by the washing of the adjacent lands.


The area is surrounded by agricultural land of dry olive groves, highlighting its perilagunar marsh vegetation of eneas (typha dominguensis), reeds (phragmites australis) and reeds. One of the primitive plant varieties that are still conserved in this reserve is tarage.


The main species that settle in Laguna Honda are vertebrates, always on a temporary or seasonal basis, highlighting the aquatic ones, such as the redfish (gallinula chloropus), easily recognizable because it emits a loud squawk, the common coot (fulica atra), which has the beak white and black plumage or the mallard (anas platyrhnchos), which has a yellow bill and is known as the common duck.

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