Parish Church of San Pedro Advíncula

Plaza de la Constitución, 6, Escañuela, Jaén. 23657, Escañuela How to get

The absence of political autonomy, the inexistence of a local nobility or bourgeoisie, and the lack of economic resources, meant that the project to build a parish church dedicated to San Pedro ad Víncula was postponed until well into the 19th century and still needed remodeling at the end of the XX.

The church was built on an old hermitage and the old cemetery, located next to it. It was from the 1860s to 70s when the works of the temple were promoted following the project of Vicente Serrano and whose execution José María de Cuenca would take care of.

It consists of a single nave, articulated by sections, with a curved head and an irregular plan due to the annexation of spaces for chapels on the side of the Gospel. Near the foot is the choir and, symmetrically designed, two spiral staircases. It is covered with Arabic gabled tile and is even lower in height than the houses it has annexed. Its current façade does not conform to the one drawn in 1860, which had a pseudo-classicist air, a narrow entrance hole and a pediment that was born from the line of the roof; It was changed for a simpler, more functional and less packaging lintel entrance. The tower, located on one side of the presbytery, has a square structure in which its initial spire has also been replaced by a slender lantern that gives it a somewhat exotic air. The whitewashed façade is reinforced by small buttresses. In 1993 Luis Alonso Salcedo restored the tower giving it the eclectic air that it currently presents and also directed the works of the presbytery and the chapel of the Virgen de los Remedios.