Church of San Pedro Chiclana de Segura

Chiclana de Segura, Jaén. 23264, Chiclana de Segura How to get

The population nucleus that was formed around the rock, bordering the castle, gradually expanded at the foot of the nearby hill, that of La Atalaya.

Between both hills the plaza was formed, which would henceforth be the religious and political center of the town. There, between the end of the 16th century and the first third of the 17th century, the parish church of San Pedro was built, on an esplanade nestled on a rock, on the site of an old medieval temple. Its only plant is rectangular with four niche chapels and a flat front presbytery. As autonomous ornamentation of the architecture, we can highlight the holy water font, Renaissance, made of carved stone; the carved image of the Virgin, from the 18th century; and, somewhat later, the oil of San Pedro.

The exterior view of the parish is impressive: magnificent stalls, buttresses, and staircase to access the south portal, which presents a semicircular arch flanked by boxed pilasters, a pediment split with balls, a niche in the tympanum and another pediment, this time curved. , to host the image of the titular saint. Perhaps the most outstanding element is the tower, raised on the side of the epistle, with a square plan and two sections, the ground floor with two windows, a vault and a lowered arch and roof, and, separated by a cornice, the second section, with barrel vault and spiral staircase and, outside, semicircular openings for bells and chamfered corners with flames; The set is finished off by a cornice with three gargoyles with anthropomorphic figures.