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Cerro Media Luna

The starting point of the excursion is located in the upper part of Valdepeñas, near the soccer field. On the esplanade next to the fountain, you can leave your car. The tour will take us almost three hours


The first steps are along the Frailes lane, although you must leave immediately, at the first crossroads: on the left, another lane goes up the lonely Arroyo del Vadillo ravine. The climb, although long, 1 hour 25 minutes of walking, does not offer difficulties for walkers. The superb rocky cliffs of the Solana del Morrón will accompany you during the first slopes.

Through a series of curves you reach a cattle farm. The path passes immediately to the right bank of the ravine, generally without water. The landscape changes. On the slopes, now with a less sharp profile, small trees grow and the odd gallbladder looking for the coolness of the shady places. After another tight zigzag, this time longer, the Collado de Navalayegua is crowned at 1,500 meters high. At this point you have to leave the main lane, and cross an old era to take the path that surrounds the hill and dies a little further on.

Next to the troughs there is a narrow path that rises parallel to the wire fence. This is the most uncomfortable section of the excursion, as the thorny bushes sometimes make progress difficult. As you gain height, the tree vegetation disappears. At the top of the hill, the route turns sharply to the right, heading up the bare summit of Cerro de la Media Luna, which is crowned in about 20 minutes. The return is done by the same way as outward.

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