Casco urbano Chiclana de Segura

Chiclana de Segura, Jaén. 23264, Chiclana de Segura How to get

Located at a great height, embedded in a rock, around a rock, at the entrance to the Sierra de Segura, Chiclana spreads through winding streets, capricious corners and improvised squares, with the smell of carnations and geraniums from its balconies and windows. It is accessed through a surprising tunnel that introduces us directly into the aura of its medieval mystery. This beautiful town, despite such negative historical vicissitudes for its heritage –such as the destructive retaliation of the Napoleonic troops, the fatal cruelty of the Carlists, or the virulence of the hurricane that destroyed the church tower–, preserves the original Hispanic structure -Muslim of its urbanism, the medieval typology of its houses, and an unexpected architectural surprise, the constructions carved out of the stone, troglodytic wisdom that makes it possible to have houses with a uniform temperature throughout the year.