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Ruta Cabra del Santo Cristo

Cabra del Santo Cristo. 23568 Bélmez de la Moraleda How to get

Unpublished route, in the vicinity of the natural park. The route is divided into three sections: The first KM -slightly more than 10- entail an ascent from the Jandulilla river valley to the Cabra de Santo Cristo plateau. This section stands out for its sub-desert landscapes, a little-known beauty of unique shapes and colors. From here there are still 7 km without slope to the town of Cabra de Santo Cristo. In this town, one of the historic places of the esparto industry in southern Spain, you should visit its interesting church or eat at the Casa Herminia restaurant.


If you prefer to save yourself the ascent to Cabra, you can start your pedaling in this town, but the beginning and end of the route will be very disconnected.

From here there are almost 20 km of solitary plains (including the detour and the visit to the Cabra Station), along the secondary highway of the altiplano. The route is very quiet due to the few slopes –except for some ramps- and due to the almost absence of road traffic. The road has a sufficiently cyclable floor, passing through repopulated pine forests, olive groves and high-altitude cereal fields. The area consists of a succession of rural places, with great views to the south, with the permanent image of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada National Park (Granada province). To the north rise the peaks of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park.

The last section is a continuous descent from the pedestrian town of Solera to the valley of the Jandulilla river. Solera is a small town with a tiny old town clustered around the ruins of a rock castle that guarded the medieval border. This 15-kilometer stretch ends in Huelma, where you can eat in one of its restaurants, and visit the Vandelviriana Church and its castle, both monuments of the Andalusian Renaissance.

53 km of paved roads with occasional traffic.

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