Aldea de los Onsares

23393, Villarrodrigo How to get

The village of Onsares is nestled in one of the most idyllic landscapes of Villarrodrigo. The river of the same name crosses a luminous valley to the south of the municipal area where its traditional farmhouses are scattered.

Along the riverbed of the tributary, covered by thick riverside vegetation, there are small orchards of Onsares, among centuries-old poplars and olive groves. The village is surrounded by the forested peaks of the Sierra de Segura, framed by the highest mountains in the territory.

You can access it from Villarrodrigo through a road that crosses the Puerto de Onsares between the peaks of La Atalaya and El Morrón.

Next to Onsares are the recreational area of the Dehesa del Oso and the imposing Peña del Cambrón, a natural viewpoint of the Segura and Alcaraz mountain ranges.