Santisteban del Puerto

Santisteban del Puerto is a town in the district of Condado, occupying a strip of land right in the centre of the district.

It is situated in the foothills of Sierra Morena, in the north of the province, on the ridge known as Loma de Chiclana, between the Guadalimar and Montizón rivers.


Data of interest

Tourist area  Sierra Morena/Sierras de Andújar y Despeñaperros
Distance to the capital (km): 104
Altitude above sea level (m) 681
Extensión (Km2): 373
No. of Inhabitants 4.472
Demonym Santistebeños
Postal Code 23250

This municipality is part of:

There are large areas of mountains, especially in the mid-north. The majority of the area is not farmed, with the hillsides dominated instead by natural meadows and timber sites. The lands that are farmed are mainly dedicated to olives.

The local economy revolves around olives, olive oil, sheep farming and big and small game hunting. The hospitality sector is also important.

Highlights of the town’s architectural heritage include the Iglesia de Santa María del Collado (Church of Saint Mary of the Hills), which contains a mix of Renaissance, Baroque and Plateresque styles. There is also the gothic-style Iglesia de San Esteban (Church of Saint Stephen), from the 15th century, and the Museum of Jacinto Higueras.

Source of information

Ayuntamiento de Santisteban del Puerto


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