Espeluy is a small township to the west of the centre of the district of Campiña, on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. It sits at an altitude of 282 m above sea level and has a population of just 619 inhabitants.

The population is spread over three main settlements: Espeluy, La Estación de Espeluy, and the village of Iara.

Occupying the low, flat land alongside the Guadalquivir, the entire area is made up irrigated farmland growing olives, cereals and vegetables.


Data of interest

Tourist area  Sierra Morena/Sierras de Andújar y Despeñaperros
Distance to the capital (km) 35
Altitude above sea level (m) 283
Extension (Km 2 ) 26
No. of Inhabitants 805
Demonym Espeluseños
Postal Code 23628

The Guadalquivir river carefully and silently draws notable meanders through the countryside, causing gallery forests to trace a striking strip of colour on the landscape. As well as supplying the crops, this artery of water enriches the local vegetation and wildlife.

Along with the abundant olive trees, there are fruit trees, an area of holm oaks and the typical vegetation found in gallery forests, such as ash trees, crack willows, birch trees, poplars and black poplars. The castle of Arabic origin, belonging to the Order of Santiago, was declared a “Historic-Artistic Monument” in 1985. Here are still preserved some canvas paintings on the walls, water cisterns and some chambers. The parochial church was built in 1954 on top of an old chapel dedicated to Saint Ana.

Source of information

Ayuntamiento de Espeluy


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