Escañuela is a small village in the district of Campiña, in the west of the province and south of Andújar. It is a predominantly agricultural community, with 100% of its land dedicated to farming, almost exclusively olive trees. In the nearby fields irrigated by the Arroyo Salado river, there used to be small areas of other crops like cereals and vegetables, but they are being replaced by new olive plantations.


Data of interest

Tourist area Sierra Morena/Sierras de Andújar y Despeñaperros
Distance to the capital (km) 36
Altitude above sea level (m) 316
Extensión (Km2): 14
No. of Inhabitants 950
Demonym: Escañoleros
Postal Code 23657

The main highlight of Escañuela’s historical and artistic heritage is the Iglesia Parroquial de San Pedro Advíncula (Parochial Church of Saint Peter ad Vincula), built in the middle of the 19th century on the remains of a small 15th-century chapel. The town crest is also of special interest, featuring the papal tiara and the keys to Saint Peter’s, as permitted by the Roman Curia, and the chains relating to the particular religious order in the town.

Source of information

Ayuntamiento de Escañuela


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