Alto de la Pandera

0, Valdepeñas de Jaén

The old military base of La Pandera is the highest point of the Starlight Reserve in the Sierra Sur of Jaén and an emblematic place for observing the sky. At the top there is a large esplanade where in the past there were important meetings of astronomy enthusiasts that brought together hundreds of people.

The northern horizon is impracticable due to the proximity of the city of Jaén, however, looking to the east and south we find a real spectacle. It is a highly recommended place for those more expert fans who are not only looking for dark conditions but also for good seeing conditions. At more than 1800 meters high the atmospheric transparency is excellent, being one of the best points for planetarium observation and photography.

To get there, just take the detour on the road from Los Villares to Valdepeñas de Jaén and climb up to the heliport, located at the top.

Note: on some days there may be laminar air flow phenomena in which case it is preferable to observe on the esplanade next to the buildings rather than on the heliport.