Centenillo Mines

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0, Baños de la Encina

Few places occur to us more appropriate for the observation of the sky than the group of old abandoned mines of "El Centenillo", in Baños de la Encina, Jaén. Just 500 metres from this village in a westerly direction we find a wide esplanade surrounded by old abandoned buildings. The horizon to the North, West and South is completely free of light pollution, with an impressive darkness at the zenith. This area is currently being restored.

In spring it is possible to enjoy the elusive zodiacal light, while in summer it is an excellent place to observe the constellations that are hidden in the West. It is especially recommended to observe in groups the different star showers that take place throughout the year due to its wide accessibility and the size of the esplanade, where large groups can gather.

It is an excellent place to come with the family to enjoy the sky on winter and spring nights. We recommend that you do not leave the esplanade and do not go into the ruins under any circumstances for safety reasons.