Albanchez de Mágina

This town is located in the south of the province, between rolling hills, olive groves and fruit orchards. Its municipal district belongs to the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, which forms part of the Subbética and which offers beautiful and spectacular landscapes. The highest peak in the province of Jaén, Pico Mágina, is located in the municipality. As for the vegetation, there are frequent holm oak and gall oak groves, Aleppo pines and the Salgareño pine. It is also important for its rich and varied fauna.


Data of interest

Tourist area: Sierra Mágina

Distance to the capital: 45

Altitude above sea level (m): 862

Extension (Km2): 39

No. of Inhabitants: 1228

Demonym: Albanchecinos:

Postal Code: 23538

This municipality is part of:

Albanchez de Mágina (previously called Albanchez de Úbeda until the year 2000) is a municipality in the region of Sierra Mágina, in the province of Jaén, Andalusia. Most of the municipal district, as well as the town centre, are included in the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina. In its municipal district is located the highest elevation of the province of Jaén, the Pico Mágina, with an altitude of 2167 metres.

The access to the town is by the road A-320, with a detour in the town of Jimena by the road J-3105 or from Torres by the Puerto del Aznaitín (JA-3107). Distance from Jaén, 40 km, Úbeda and Baeza 35 km, Cazorla 55 km and Granada 117 km.



The oldest records of the history of Albanchez can be found in the Cueva de los Esqueletos, in the Paraje de las Zorreras. It was discovered in the 19th century by some peasants. Several skeletons were found, seated in a semicircle and armed with arrows, the points of which were sharp flint, with knives and spears also made of flint. Researchers have identified it as a multiple burial from the Copper-Bronze Ages. From the Roman period, several coin hoards and inscriptions have been found in the municipality, from which some researchers deduce the existence of a buried Roman city, Campaneana. ...


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