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Restaurante Asador El Mirador

Regional cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Carretera A-6050 Ja?n-Los Villares, km. 5, Jaén - 23194 How to get

The restaurant is 5 minutes from Jaén, in the Sierra de Jabalcuz, a charming place and a family atmosphere surrounded by living nature.

Run by Francisco Díaz, with more than 30 years of experience, Asador El Mirador is a benchmark in the gastronomy of the area.

Fully air-conditioned and with a capacity of 250 diners, they make the premises an ideal place for all kinds of celebrations, both family and business.


Restaurante Asador El Mirador belonging to Southern Renaissance


Paqui Arévalo, owner of the kitchen at Asador El Mirador, pampers the products that she makes, especially those roasted in the oven, suckling lamb, suckling pig and grilled meats on the grill.

Magnificent starters such as scrambled vegetables or salmorejo, fish recipes such as baked cod au gratin with honey and nuts or salmon stuffed with vegetables and seafood, and home-made desserts such as fig ice cream biscuit, or the star dessert, Almazara tear.

The restaurant's summer terrace is considered one of the coolest in Jaén, with 5º less than in the capital, surrounded by abundant vegetation and trees, surrounded by nature, where children can enjoy.

Equipped to comfortably accommodate more than 100 people, it has a barbecue service every day of the week that the business is open.

Located at km 5 of the A-6050 between Jaén and Los Villares, sheltered in front by the Sierra de Jabalcuz.

From the large windows of the Asador El Mirador restaurant we can admire a unique panoramic view of Jaén, where the majestic Cathedral, the work of the master Andrés de Valdelvira, stands out in the center of the view.

In the background, the horizon is outlined with the silhouette of Sierra Morena, a pass and communication route between Andalusia and Castilla.

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