Museo Arqueológico de Castellar

Pl. de la Constitucion, 1. 0, Castellar How to get

The museum is located inside the keep (main tower of a fortress) of the Palace of Medinacelli, from the 14th century, known as Castillo de Pallarés.



Monday to Friday from 9 to 14 hours.

Group visits after hours: contact Lucas Rubio at no. of tel. 953 46 00 05.

It has two exhibition rooms and a parade ground, where the archaeological pieces of greater dimensions and weight are concentrated. Throughout the visit we can contemplate various collections, the result of the historical, cultural, archaeological, artistic and social evolution of Castellar.
From prehistoric times we find axes and various stone tools.

On the ground floor the remains of a Roman period site have been museumized: coins, building columns, etc.

On the next floor, objects from the Iberian culture of the Cueva de la Lobera sanctuary are exhibited, one of the numerous archaeological sites in the municipality of Castellar, a town whose origins date back to the final period of the Copper Age and the beginning of the Age of Bronze.