Monumento Natural Bosque de la Bañizuela

Singular places

0, Torredelcampo

The place known as Bosque de Bañizuela, located in Torre del Campo (Jaén) in an old garden of about two hectares of extension, today dominated by a rich Mediterranean forest mass in which we enjoy specimens of great antiquity.

Here we can see plant species such as gall oak, kermes oak, durillo, yellow jasmine, clematis, honeysuckle and so on until completing a multitude of trees and shrubs, among which the Arrayán de La Bañizuela stands out, a specimen cataloged as singular. Generally, the myrtle or myrtle has a shrubby bearing, but this one that we find in the Bañizuela Forest stands out precisely for its large size and the thickness of its trunk, more typical of a tree than a bush. Another of the elements that have made possible the recognition of this space as a natural monument has been the characteristic of its soil: limestones, dolomites and margocalizas belonging to the Jurassic period.

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