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Francisco Cano López

Cerámica Artística Cano

Calle Arjona, 48c. 23750 - Arjonilla How to get

He began his trade at the age of 13 and over time, his passion and good work led him to open his own workshop for artistic ceramics, pottery and tiles. Over the years he has been training and learning from the artisans who surrounded him, offering a complete service that includes pottery, press, painting, etc. Tradition is the basis of it, but innovation is present in all its products.

His work adapts to the requests of the clients and to the new times. Gone is the time when the artisans of Arjonilla were known for the pieces in miniatures and pichis that were used as souvenirs and decorations for weddings, communions and roscones de reyes. Now he crafts decoration products, kitchen utensils, tiles, personalized mugs or photoceramics. A highly valued handmade product that has allowed him to reach the United States, Canada, Japan, England, Holland, Italy or France, while working for other potters.