Talking about crafts means delving into the culture of a people, their own history and knowing the rich and varied legacy that the different societies that have lived in these lands have left, a heritage embodied in trades capable of turning them into authentic works of art the beliefs, rites and customs of life forms that, on occasions, have not changed so much despite the passing of the centuries. In any of the artisan manifestations that survive in our province, we find traits and techniques of yesteryear that have overcome the wear and tear of time and that have been channeled through generations up to the present day.

With a clear influence from other times, cultures and societies, the population of Jaén has managed to conserve an intangible wealth of high historical and cultural value, which over the years has become an important legacy capable of transporting us to a past that today he is more alive than ever.

In the case of handicrafts, this heritage, which continues to evolve in terms of techniques and materials, maintains its essence characterized by the quality and exclusivity of handicraft products and a variety of trades that persist today in our province and that are a reflection of the way of life and personality of our inhabitants.

Potters, ceramists, forge craftsmen, expert glassmakers or esparteros, restorers of works of art, manufacturers of artistic coffered ceilings, etc ... trades of yesteryear that, thanks to the courage, effort and perseverance of those who perform them, have managed to safeguard a large part of the heritage artistic and historical of Jaén, becoming an important tourist attraction and even managing to cross the borders of our country to show its "art" in the rest of the world.

It is for all this that Jaén is not only a benchmark in crafts, but also the cradle of some artisans whose works make us go through the customs of our ancestors and relive the history of our civilization.

This catalog contains the list of artisans from Jaén registered in the Register of Artisans of the Junta de Andalucía, with more than a hundred artists spread throughout the province, of which two are Active Master Artisans, we find five Points of Artisan Interest and an Area of ??Artisan Interest such as Úbeda. This World Heritage city has been one of the main pottery centers in the national sphere, today bringing together more than 50 artisan workshops dedicated to different trades with a long tradition and characterized by the high value of the pieces that are made in them.